About Us

Ferrino Sports is the creation of one of Miami's top Personal Trainers.  A Fitness facility with top of the line equipment like LifeFitness cable machines, Hammer Strength and then free weights by Pendlay and Rogue.  There is a 55 yd professional artificial turf running track.  Everything needed to train top athletes, yet in an intimate, and unpretentious setting.  A place where anyone can feel welcome to achieve their best. Situated… Read More

Group Fitness

When involved in regular exercise, mixing things up keeps your routine exciting and diversified.  Performing a wide variety of exercises helps you work all areas of your body while preventing boredom through following a monotonous routine.  

For this reason,  we offer a great selection of classes. Work side by side with like minded, encouraging individuals to push your body and release positive endorphins. 


Upgrade your membership to Fitcamp level and enjoy classes 5 days a week hosted by our trained staff. 

Group Fitness Membership

$129 / month
  • Unlimited Classes
  • Open Gym

Gym Only

$89 / month
  • Open Gym

Our Team

Front Desk Manager


Personal Trainer and Masseuse


Front Desk Manager


Our Trainers

Jessica – FitCamp Trainer


Beto – BootFit Trainer


Raimi Personal Trainer

Fitness Gym for All

A Place to Take Care of Your Body and Mind.

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