Group classes at Ferrino Sports provide a social experience that allow you to get a great workout in 1 hour.  Adaptable for all levels of fitness, most classes will take place in the indoor studio but sometimes when the weather is nice outside along the river.  Below is a description of our class offerings.  

Ferrino FitCamp

A circuit training class that focuses on an all round combination of cardio, core, and strength training.  Fitcamp classes are offered Monday – Thursday at 7pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 5:45pm. 

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Focused on flexibility and core strength, this class currently offered on Saturdays is a spiritual experience that will leave you feeling great. Vinyasa Yoga is currently offered Saturdays at 10am. 


Where Fitness meets Salsa…ZUMBA!.  A low impact workout that feels more like dancing then exercising yet will leave you feeling great,  Ferrino Sports currently offers Zumba on Saturday mornings at 9am. 

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Group Fitness Class Schedule

Ferrino Sports Group Class Schedule