Get ready for a total wellness program that goes beyond fitness to align mind, body and soul. We start at the foundation to build better bodies from the inside out, combining leading medical wellness with elite training and support. Our facility is furnished with state of the art equipment far beyond what you find at an ordinary gym. It isn’t just about getting in shape. It’s about your total body transformation. Are you ready to push beyond fitness?


Reaching beyond fitness begins with a true understanding of your body’s unique build and capability. Our total fitness evaluation creates a comprehensive picture of your current health and fitness level. Our team will give you a better understanding of the genetic factors that influence your body’s composition. A certified trainer will then design a wellness program tailored to help you meet your health and fitness goals.

Metabolic Efficiency

How efficiently does your body utilize fat as fuel? Metabolic efficiency testing tells us your optimal heart rate zone where its efficiency can be improved. Based on the results, our trainers and in-house dietitians will provide a program based on your individual metabolic needs.

Lactate Testing

Lactate testing provides the recommended target heart rate to improve overall performance. Individuals are subject to a treadmill test where lactic acid levels are tested at intervals as heart rate and workout intensity increases.

Advanced Body Composition

Understanding what’s on the inside helps us create an optimal program for transforming the outside. Advanced body composition measures muscle, fat, bone density, and more to provide a comprehensive roadmap for total body transformation.


VO2Max refers to the maximum amount of oxygen that an individual can utilize during intense or maximal exercise. It is measured as milliliters of oxygen used in one minute per kilogram of body weight. This measurement is generally considered the best indicator of an individual’s cardiovascular fitness and aerobic endurance.



Chiropractic Medicine

Experienced practitioner Dr. Gerry Martinez specializes in the treatment of a wide range of conditions, with therapeutic techniques encompassing treatments such as spinal adjustment, stretching, and ultrasound. Dr. Martinez also offers Graston therapy, trigger point therapy, and electric stimulation.



Licensed Massage Therapist (MA45842), Joanna Torrens BS, tailors each massage to a client’s individual needs by combining multiple modalities to alleviate pain and inflammation. Sessions include elements of Swedish, deep tissue, PNF, trigger point, hydrotherapy, Thai massage and muscle activation.

Joanna also has a background in exercise physiology and personal training, which allows her to approach massage in a truly unique way. Her massages not only address tight and sore muscles, but also takes muscle patterns and imbalances into consideration. Additionally, having an open dialogue with the trainers allows her to really help clients improve their performance with regards to training.



We offer our clients an advanced, comprehensive and preventive wellness and sports medicine program. Our innovative approach combines leading edge technology with integrative and holistic methods, developing personal treatment plans to enhance our members’ training programs.

AMNIOFLEX™ Regenerative Treatment

Relieves inflammation and pain, as well as addressing soft-tissue defects, muscle injuries and ligament damage.

Bone Marrow Concentration

This advanced regenerative therapy is used to accelerate healing through a safe and effective procedure involving the extraction and cultivation of an individual’s own bone marrow.

ALCAT Allergy Testing

The most effective food intolerance test available, capable of identifying cellular reactions to over 350 different foods, chemicals and herbs.

Stem Cell Regenerative Therapy

A leading edge therapy utilizing the body’s stem cells to repair and replace damaged tissue and stimulate the formation of new bone, cartilage, ligament and connective tissue.

Pulsed Magnetic Therapy

Promotes the healing and regeneration of damaged and diseased tissue, improving circulation and relieving pain.

Platelet Rich Plasma

An innovative treatment utilizing the individual’s own platelets to restore and renew injured ligaments and tendons by naturally enhancing the body’s own healing process.

IV Vitamin Therapy

Supercharge the immune system, detoxify and boost energy through therapeutic doses of intravenous vitamins, delivered safely and effectively in brief sessions.

Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine

The perfect integration of natural and traditional pain relief. Osteopathic manipulation can ease pain, promote healing and increase mobility, restoring balance to the whole body.


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